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Frequently Asked Questions


  • I'm not currently a member of USA Swimming. Can I still swim? No, the meet is available to registered members of Ohio Swimming, Inc. due to insurance purposes. However, Ohio Swimming has a Single Meet Membership available for only $15.00. Click here for complete instructions.

  • The distances seem long. Are they?
    Not at all. Actually, the distances are much shorter than your regular practice. Most 10 & under and 11-12 year olds are covering 2,000 to 4000 yards in practice. The 1K race is 1,093 yards, and the 2K race is 2,186 yards. So you can see, the distance you will be swimming is less than you would in a normal practice.

  • Why is this meet on a Wednesday?
    Public Recreational Facilities like Heuston Woods State Park in College Corner, OH are very crowded and busy on weekends, and not available for large competitive events during the summer.

  • Are Open Water events officially sanctioned by USA Swimming and Ohio Swimming?
    Yes. The 2018 meet received sanction number
    OH-18LC-01 from Ohio Swimming, Inc., as part of the Ohio LSC Championship Series.  USA Swimming requires sanctioning by the local LSC.

  • Who is eligible to swim in this meet?
    All 2018 USA Registered Swimmers which have achieved the National BB standard or better in the 200 Freestyle (10 & Under) or 400/500 Freestyle (11 & over) (Click here for the time standards page)

  • Why are the swimmers running out of the water?
    Open Water Swimming Events this year wil have in "in-water" start, and a beach finish. 

  • How can you race in a lake when there are no lanes?
    Open Water Swimming follows a designated course. The course is clearly marked, and will be covered at the Open Water Clinic at 9:40 a.m. on Wednesday June 27, 2018.

  • Why does the meet entry fee seem so high?
    There are many expenses associated with Open Water Swimming.  Lifeguards, on site EMTs,  and other safety personnel are mandatory at USA Swimming Open Water Meets. You will find a one kilometer course, start & finish chutes, tents, and other equipment; all which must be hauled out to the lake. Oh, did we forget to mention the Meet T-shirt is included in your entry fee?

  • Are there relays at Open Water meets?
    Swim once, time counts twice. Your time in the individual event also counts toward your relay time. Each Relay is comprised of 3 swimmers, in each event, for each Team.

Let's take an Example: In Event 1, Girls 10 & Under 1 Kilometer Open Water, the top 3 times for the Northern Kentucky Clippers will be added together and designated as the CLPR "A" Relay. The 4th thru 6th fastest time for the Northern Kentucky Clippers will be designated as the CLPR "B" Relay. This process is automatically done following the completion of each event. Since Relays score double points, your individual swim is very important to total points for your team.

  • What happens if it rains?
    We have placed our order for "sunshine and 85 degrees". In case of inclement weather, we will simply delay the start of any event until it is safe to proceed. Most storm fronts move by in 30 minutes. If there is a delay, it should be short.

  • Should I bring anything special to this meet (versus a "pool" meet)?
    Sunscreen and a beach chair, and a camera. You will be outside from 9:00 a.m. until approximately 1:00 PM. Stay hydrated with water and sports drinks.

  • What about sharks?
    There are no known man-eating predators in Acton Lake at Hueston Woods State Park.  However, we do hope to see plenty of Barracudas, Hydra, Stingrays, Marlins, Dolphins, Eagles, Cobras, Clippers, Raiders, Polar Bears, Mako's, Sea Dragons, more than a few Seahawks, and bunches of other (umm) wildlife.  Yes, Sharks too, but these are  from Washington Township (they usually don't  bite).


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